Privacy Setting

Who can view my profile on
Anyone with a account can view your profile.
Can I control who can see my profile and who not?
No, you can’t make your account private. Anyone who has an account can view your profile and you can see who is viewing your profile.
Can I hide my account from other users?
No. You can’t hide your account from anyone who has an account on
Who can send me a message on my account?
Anyone who has an account on can send you a text message.
How do I send a message to someone on
To send a message to someone on
  1. Go to the person’s profile you want to message.
  2. There is a green button on the top-right corner, labeled as Message. Click on that.
  3. Write your message and click on the send button.
How do I report a message that was sent to me or stops someone from sending me messages on
We don’t have any message reporting option yet. If you ever feel that you need to report a message. Feel free to contact us at
How do I unsend a message I've sent using
We don’t have an option to unsend messages on
Who can see my account on the web?
None can see about your account on the web.
Who can see which accounts I’m visiting?
The account owners and other viewers who visit the accounts can see which account you’re viewing.
Can I hide what accounts I’m visiting from others?
No, you can’t hide in this case.