Login and Logout

How do I log into my CHAKRI.app account?
To login into CHAKRI.app account:
  1. Open CHAKRI.app on your browser.
  2. Click on “Log In” on the top-right of CHAKRI.app’s landing page.
  3. Give your Email and Password Or, Log In using Google, LinkedIn, Facebook.
    (Tap instead of Click if you’re on mobile)
How do I log out of CHAKRI.app?
To log out of the CHAKRI.app account:
  1. Click on the icon in the top right.
  2. – If you’re on mobile, Tap on the in the top right.

  3. Click log out.
How do I remove a saved account on my phone?
You don’t need to remove your account from your phone. CHAKRI.app automatically removes login history from the landing page after every session. Closing your browser is enough to remove your account from your phone.
I don't know if I already have a CHAKRI.app account.
Click on the option “Forget Password” which can be found under the Log In option. Click on that and provide your email address.

  1. If you already have an account, an email will be sent to your email address with a link to reset your password.
  2. If you have not any account, you’ll be notified instantly.
I have two CHAKRI.app accounts. Can I merge them?
No, you can’t merge accounts. We recommend you to use a single account and delete others.
How can I make sure I don’t lose access to my CHAKRI.app account?
To make sure you don’t lose access to your account:

  1. Save your password somewhere safe or use Google Password Manager.
  2. Verify your email address so that we can let you reset your password in case you forget.
  3. Connect Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts with your CHAKRI.app account.
  4. Don’t share your password with anyone.