Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is is a platform aiming to solve the difficulties in hiring by introducing smart tools driven by AI algorithms that connect inspiring organizations with aspiring professionals.

The artificial intelligence behind the platform helps jobseekers find the right-matching jobs and employers in no time.

2. How can help me get a job?
On other job sites, you have to spend hours looking for job advertisements manually that match your skills and experience. On, you can look for all job advertisements that match your skills and experience in just one click. Besides, will keep sending you updates every day on all new opportunities that you might be interested in.
3. Do I need to pay for using services?
For jobseekers, is completely FREE.
4. What do I need to open an account?
You just need an email address to open an account. You can also sign up quickly using your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts.
5. Is it necessary to complete my profile?
Filling up your profile with as much information as possible helps our AI to connect you with right-fitting job opportunities. Also, employers are less likely to recruit someone with an incomplete profile.

Completing your profile isn’t mandatory but it increases your chances of getting your dream job.

6. What kind of jobs are available?
All sorts of jobs, from different industries such as IT, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Accounts, etc. We try our best to put every profession in line. Apart from a full-time job, we also publish part-time, contractual, temporary, and internship jobs.
7. Do I need a degree to apply for a job?
It depends on employers. Some companies require educational qualifications to apply and some seek only skilled professionals. It is not our call to decide. We recommend you read the description of a job before applying to know about the requirements of that specific company.
8. How do I apply to a job?
There is an APPLY button on every job page. The system will guide you through the rest of the process.
9. Can a student apply to a job?
It depends on a recruiter’s requirements. If their requirements are not conflicting with being a student, you can apply.

We highly recommend you apply to part-time jobs if you’re a student.

10. How long does it take to get a job? neither decides nor guarantees your job landing success. That depends on your skills and other personal factors. The platform simply connects you to your potential employers easily.
11. How do I increase my chance of getting hired?
Employers are most likely to hire someone whose profile is complete. So you need to complete your profile first. We also recommend you to add credentials to your profile so that employers can understand your value. Those can increase your chances of getting hired.
12. I’m already employed, why do I need to use is not only for freshers. We publish a wide range of job opportunities that also include mid-level and senior-level jobs. You can always use to look for better opportunities at any experience level.
1. How can I post a job?
You need to have an account on You can create one by signing up using your email address or using your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts.

You may read our Terms of Use ( for more details.

2. Is there a way to find qualified candidates without posting a job?
Yes. Once you log in to, you will find an option on your dashboard to look for candidates that match your organization’s requirements without posting a single job. Alternatively, if you do post a job, you will not have to wait for candidates to apply. You can simply have’s AI to match all candidates in our database with your posted job’s requirements.
3. Is there any limit on the number of jobs I can post?
There is no limit. You can post unlimited jobs.
4. Do I need to pay for using services?
For employers, wanting to hire staff, is currently FREE as part of our Early Access Program (EAP). This policy will be in effect indefinitely until we decide to change it. This means – keep enjoying and using the full power of for free!
5. Will I be able to edit my live jobs?
Yes, you can edit a job that is already posted live.
6. Is it possible to change my company name?
Yes, you can change your company name. But you cannot change the account’s URL that was created when you opened the account.
7. How long will a job post remain live on the website?
You can set the expiry date of your advertisement. It will remain live until that date. We do not delete any expired advertisement, therefore updating the expiry date can make it automatically live again.
8. Is it possible to post a job without mentioning my company name?
No, the company name is mandatory.